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How:  Conquer the mind


Life is not a competition, but a performance. Work smarter, not harder. Do the absolute minimum to achieve the absolute maximum. By removing outside noise, we can focus on the power within.


Personalized workouts. Nutrition planning and tracking. Supplementation.  Motivation. Accountability.


Vision. You know where you desire to go. To get there, we’ll remove all that’s holding you back.


Knowledge and Execution:


What has worked for millennia, still works today. What we truly enjoy and desire we repeatedly do. If fitness, capability, and appearance are what you desire, you must live it as your truth. As your advisor/coach, part of my role is to sift through the journals, read the research papers, listen to the podcasts, and apply any relevant information to your path.


Your training will lift you up, not beat you down. You’ll discover simple solutions, experience results, and relinquish the need for motivation.

Fitness is a product of repetition. Appearance is a consequence of fitness.

Expect success. With a savvy, balanced approach, utilizing daily assignments and the power of choice, your fitness, health, and appearance will evolve each and every week. Where the mind goes the body follows.


We utilize whatever tools are necessary and available at the time of need. The flow of fitness is extremely rewarding. When approached from a completely custom, organic manner, the process becomes a highlight to your days.

  • Accountability.

  • Advising.

  • Lifestyle management.

  • Mindset.



We treat movement as a skill. Via repetition, we improve your skills and enhance your capability, while building your performance foundation. You become stronger mentally and physically. Train smart. Doing only enough to effect change, nothing more. You recover quickly and anticipate your next training session. All is process. By mastering a movement, you work towards perfecting a skill. By not wavering from the path, results are guaranteed.

  • Private discourses.

  • Virtual training sessions.

  • Movement and Nutrition programming.

  • Progress + Accountability tracking.

  • Direct communication with Jake.



Fitness (movement) and nutrition become a lifestyle. You now know what you enjoy and thus, do more of that activity. Some will seek balance. Others will focus on performance and competition. Your process will direct your product.

Purpose + Process = Product.

Get Fit. Be Healthy. Stay Confident.

  • BENEFITS: (benefit of the benefit listed in italics)

    • Accountability.
      • You don’t miss workouts. Progress is planned.

    • Customized, Timely, Efficient, Goal-Directed Training Sessions.
      • No fluff, filler, of pomp. We do what works, period.

    • Personalized Nutrition Planning.
      • Balance pleasure-based eating, with outcome-based eating.

    • Performance Increase.
      • High energy. Achieve outcome expectations in all facets of life.

    • Lowered Stress.
      • Stress becomes a choice. Upon reflection, you uncover the source of stress as well as the source of bliss. You choose bliss.

    • Better Sleep.
      • Release from the “doing” you and relax into the “being” you. Fatigue from exertion makes prone relaxation blissful.

    • Improved Mindset.
      • Conquer the mind and life is yours. You complete hard physical tasks, which expands your possibility, which expands the depth of your life.

    • Efficient Use of Time.
      • You view the action as a progression. A necessity to experience the fullness of your life. Thus you do just enough, the optimal minimal, and nothing more. 

    • Enhanced Performance. Focus. Confidence. Effectiveness.
      • All life is performance. Excellence follows.

    • Accountability. Efficiency. Effectiveness. Progress. Results.
      • Instead of being an effective procrastinator, doing that which you don’t enjoy doing, you become an effective performer, excelling at that which you choose to live. Your truth.

    • Endurance. Strength. Power. Coordination. Balance. Flexibility.
      • To have complete dominion over all facets is a falsehood. You prioritize one at a time, or maybe only one all of the time. There is no prescription for your truth.

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