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Define, Decide, Do

Your life gives you a finite amount of time, energy, and focus. Define what gives you the most value and spend your time on that. Do it. The rest is simply details.


Balance. Keeping it all in check. Working enough to be proficient, but not an excessive amount to be a specialist. I've always operated best in a state of balance. Creating my own goals and activities. Using self-monitoring techniques to make decisions.


Input and Output. Cause and Effect. Analyzing the aftermath.


Life is never easy. The modern world is demanding. Therefore, we must be flexible. To be flexible we must be competent. Having a diverse set of talents gives you options. Having options provides the power of choice. Well, when you can choose, the effect is never far away.


Engagement forms the bond. The bond becomes the connection. The connection makes it a lifestyle. When it's your lifestyle, well, then you own it.

—+— Think on these things:

  1. Life is a continuum. There is no big moment lying ahead. Establish your daily routine now. What you live will be a circular set of experiences.

  2. Avoid magical thinking. There are no secrets. All changes are just habits. Learning to say "NO" to things that derail is paramount in importance.

  3. Foster your Movement Mindset... 

  4. Physical Activity Trumps Body Composition

  5. Build it into your daily life

  6. Choose simple over complex

  7. Get really good at simple

  8. do more, with less, more often —+— Sequence your year…

My "quarterly" physicality:

  1. November to March -

  2. strength, flexibility, walking, and patience.

  3. March to May -

  4. prioritizing endurance, reducing strength and flexibility, increasing recover practices.

  5. May to August -

  6. extended endurance, goal-specific training, execute a successful race. ***Maybe

  7. August to November -

  8. hunt, hike, stretch, water, body weight, movement flow.

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