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Consistency and Repetition

Consistency and Repetition Two things stand out loud and clear when I think of “keys to fitness success”, consistency and repetition. Not genetics. Not a special diet. No secrets. Unsuccessful, out of shape people are lacking in consistency and repetition. If we are honest with ourselves, it's as simple as that. What they are not lacking is some hidden secret solution: a new product, device, or special programming. Society in general is just not very good at exercise. It’s a lack of building a foundation. This could be from not participating in sports at a young age: wrestling, gymnastics, ballet, dance, skating, down hill skiing, etc. It may as well be that we’ve always had a fear or inadequacy about exercise. It’s never to late to build that foundation. Learn to properly squat, push, and pull, to run and climb. From this foundation, and only from having a solid foundation can we begin to implement other training techniques or more advanced programming. With exercise, you can’t be consumed with how long the workout is taking… obsessing about when it will be over. Questioning what you are doing. This mentality will lead to failure sooner or later. Fitness is often the only place where we can confront substantial discomfort and uncertainty in our daily lives. Push through, finish the job, don’t fear failure. As a child I was told that if I did 10 pushups during every commercial break while watching TV I would get stronger. I did them. I got stronger. Positive affirmation at a young age builds acceptance that diligent repetition yields results. When embarking on a fitness endeavor later on in life it is essential to have the mindset that all things are possible. Ask yourself if it is impossible. Very few physical things are impossible. Approach foundational fitness training as gaining control over your body. Keep the mind engaged on the positive. Where the mind goes, the body follows, be it negative or positive. Consistent repetition. Basic strength and conditioning is about the doing, not the programming. When your body confronts fatigue while squatting, pushing, or pulling ask yourself if you can do one more. Always attempt one more.

Onward and Upward!

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