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Life is nothing more than endless fragments. Piece by piece it is fulfilled. But, fulfillment is not completion. If so we would die at the moment of achievement… the finality. Alas, the moment passes immediately. Now is eternity. There is no future. There is only the next thing.

A life lived beyond the ordinary is the only truth. It must cease being work. It must release assumed societal requirements (not self-defined, self-valued). It must be of pure importance for you to persist in it, beyond momentary experience. Curiosity keeps the door open. Genuine interest is the only fuel, spark, or ignition required.

All environments provide the potential for your onward and upward. The beyond requires immense self-image development. This is your deep work.

Life is an individual pursuit. Man lives for himself in each moment. The samurai prepares completely for all that he can control. He places an immense value on balance. Worldliness matters… image, health, vitality, participation, etc. Thus, so too should the common man prepare to live his life. Examine the depth and nuance. Life is art. Life is craft. The “circumstance” in which you live should remain inconsequential to the actions you take… it does not matter.

Life is merely fragments of applied intensity. Choose the highlight or highlights that will define yours. Make sure the barrier to entry is minimal (engage daily). Man must recognize the bottom line of existence in all he participates in beyond himself. No one's behavior, choices, or idiocy should penetrate the truth of the individual.

Be quietly confident.

Do not follow the crowd.

Disregard socialization.

In all situations, there is a wanting. What one wants should never leave their mind. In the forefront, it must remain. Entertainment is not experience. Competition is unworthy of your time. One day a winner, the next, nobody. Artistic performance is key. Choose grace. Be present. Consistently experiment with your life.

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