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Pursuing Your Own Perfection

Begin now, if you have not already, to pursue your perfection. Decide on your arena of pursuit. Be as specific as possible. Go ahead, write it down.

Life is circumstantial. You must release the ideal and its polished presentation. Let it go. Work with what you have. Everyone is limited in some way, by some thing. Describe your limitations, and write them down.

Our focus here is on you becoming the best version of yourself as is humanly possible. Only you can affirm that your best is being pursued. There will always be room for improvement, and if honest, you will see a myriad of possibilities to improve. This will not cease, but it will lessen over time.

Alignment arrives via action. Lifestyle is an all-encompassing term. It will begin with what you are pursuing. When you begin tracking your actions: training, dieting, mindset, etc. you will have a base to build from. Consistency should be easy. Improvement follows at its own pace. Be patient. Recognize the mind's resistance to change. Do it anyway.

Circle back to the circumstantial nature of existence. Your job, your hobbies, and your environment are uniquely yours. Therefore, you must remember that your only competition is the person in the mirror. This should motivate you. This will humble you. Your reflection is a result of past decisions. Modification is not an option. You must course correct at that instant.

These are only words. I could type many more, but this should be enough for you to begin your pursuit. Perfection is personal. If you had/have a hand in it, then it's your responsibility to create with the best of your ability.


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