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Strength 4 Endurance

Warm-Up: 4 rounds KB Complex x 6 reps

  1. Goblets

  2. L-Arm Swing

  3. R-Arm Swing

  4. L-Arm Clean

  5. R-Arm Clean

  6. L-Leg DL

  7. R-Leg DL Work: 10 rds

  8. 2 x KB Front Squat @88kg

  9. 2 x Split Jump Work2: 6 rds

  10. 5 x Scottie Bobs @ 30# DB's

  11. 5 x Horizontal Ring Pulls

  12. :30 Airdyne (arms only) Finish: 4 rds -- Core

  13. 15 x Plate Sit-Ups @ 25#

  14. 15 x Side Plank Lifts

  15. 15 x Floor Back Extension Comments: Great workout. Challenging, but extremely effective strength training for the endurance athlete. 45 minutes in duration. No fixed rest. Constant flow. Focus on breathing and full ROM on exercises.

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