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The Hobby of Health

Fitness is not unlike other personal hobbies in life. To keep it up you have to enjoy both the process and the product. An artist or musician must enjoy the process to reap the satisfaction and accolades of the product. When a hobby or activity is approached without enjoyment, excitement, and enthusiasm you can be rest assured it won’t remain a hobby for very long. Movement is about positivity. Doing what you can, when you can, for as long as you’d like. I enjoy reading, drawing, fishing, and archery because they are relaxing hobbies. This is pretty universally agreeable. I enjoy fitness for the same reasons. It is a relaxing, therapeutic, and beneficial part of my life. Hiring somebody to keep you accountable and force you to exercise is a serious waste of money and time. No one can be the sole possessor of the success or failure of your health and fitness. You’ve got to own the responsibility. A good coach will motivate and inspire you. He will nudge you and challenge you when it’s needed, as well as back off and give you space when it’s needed. If you find no enjoyment in the prescription, you will find no attachment to the process. We may hang on to see it through, as so many people training for a vacation, wedding or pageant/show often do, but when the cameras turn their focus off of you so will your attention to the details of that which brought the success and subsequent attention and admiration from your peers. Today’s fitness or workout is portrayed and defined by numbers, calendars, reps, sets, and intensity… how to do more, in less time, with less equipment, and for less money. This is a product, and sad reality of a society that sees only what they don’t have, and clings tightly to their excuses, which have gotten them to the unhappy and unfulfilled place they are currently in. Remember, the marketing plays on the mindset of the consumer. The message takes the path of least resistance, reaching “you” through your perceived limitations on your life. My takeaway:

  1. Keep it simple.

  2. Never stop learning.

  3. Always have a direction.

  4. Find true enjoyment in everything you choose to do in your life.

  5. Seek coaching to help enhance the experience and promote positive growth and change. One final thought. If you find yourself agreeing to someone’s message, whether they are a politician, teacher, family member, or who ever. Stop and think about if the message is positive or negative. Is it self-limiting, or is it self-expanding? Are you a victim, or a victor? Is it building you up as an individual, or is it unifying you with a group of victims?

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