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The Reality of "What Is"

Why are we so frightened of what is?  Abraham Maslow

We must come to all (everything) as we are. No future, no past. Do not fear what is. Do not label. Do not judge. What is happening right now is truth.

  1. No projections.

  2. No ego.

  3. No strength.

  4. No weakness

Simply be here, now. Act from a place of presence. You must remove the past. Some will find this difficult. Yet, in order to be alive one must discard the experiences and the achievements, as well as the failures. What exists is always here and now. Freewill is an exercise of the individual. One must use it to be completely present, unconditioned, interested, and exposed.

There is no "ideal" to be sought and obtained. No future to be lived for. Hope postpones the actual. Hope delays life. Pursuit of the ideal is a vain struggle, a gratifying self-deception.

  1. The ideal is a screen.

  2. The past is a screen.

  3. Tradition is a screen.

  4. Experience is a screen.

The problem is the mind itself. Functioning as the transmission of your life, the mind must be kept fluid and efficient. It needs a defined direction. And, it also must have an engine to drive the experience.

Life is now, step on the gas, shift the gears, and get on the way to where you are destined.

All movement is a practice. You meet it head on, with full attention, and the rest follows. One must accept the current (condition/state) and proceed from there. The past cannot be corrected. The future cannot be predicted.

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