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Prescriptions are meaningless. Do not ask how, rather ask yourself why.

Do not lie and do not do what you hate for everything is disclosed in view of the truth. For there is nothing hidden that will not become revealed and there is nothing covered that will remain undisclosed. — Jesus

What you desire is not that which you seek. Strength is to be utilized not to be sought. There is no war to prepare for, no battle to win. You harbor within all that is. Strength is an outward expression of inner drive.

What you desire is supreme belief in your capability. When you move, move as the sun rises from the horizon, expanding, enveloping, without pause, with effortless purpose. When you rest, create peace within, stillness, as the moon observes over its quiet kingdom below.

See obstacles as they arise, without anticipation, but with fluidity. If there is a way, become that way, just as water persists in returning to its source.

Do not fear exposure. you are a solution harboring being born unto an environment that provides all. Limitations and lack are illusions.

Utilize curiosity in all manners of change and enter into experience guided by a full spirit.

In times of doubt, indecision, or trepidation, ask yourself why you are here, in this place, at this time, in these circumstances. Recognize that there is potential only from exposure. From exposure comes growth. As the roots of a tree plunge the depths below to fuel their reach to the sky above.

As your capacity increases on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes, so too do the opportunities to experience the unknown… those realities remain hidden from the masses content with comfortable repetition.

You don’t need strength, you are strength. Do not be afraid.

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