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Trim The Fat


Change is good. Change is necessary. Change is often overdue. Most of you know what I’m talking about here. We are a part of the information age. Flooded, from all angles with studies, before and after photos, proclamations, testimonials, money back guarantees, etc. etc. It’s relentless and it’s also tempting to read, to listen, or to watch, and ultimately, to buy. The skilled and heavily backed (financially) marketers have the power to pray on your needs and wants, with sole interest in whether you buy or not. Once you buy, or even click, they have you. Your weakness has been exposed and now they will surgically work on that vulnerability… that perceived interest, until you either crack and buy more, or clear your cache, and remove and block the marketer from harassment of information. It’s time to go back to the basics. Old-fashioned work is done by necessity to finish or accomplish a day. I’m talking about real work, chopping wood, shoveling snow, or bailing hay… something along those lines. When you do real work you don’t worry about reps or time. The physicality is measured more by feel than it is quantified by sets, reps, or weight. You get in a groove and do work. You complete what is to be done that day. You rest and fuel as needed to make sure the body is able. As your muscles fatigue you change your grip or motion to keep working at the task. If you are a beginner, or new to the work, it may be these tasks:

  1. In the Gym: squats, pull-ups, push-ups

  2. At the job site: pushing wheel-barrel, hauling shingles, swinging axe As a new guy, green horn, novice, whatever, you will need more rest. The simple movements and tasks will exhaust you. With vigor and excitement you will approach what is to be done. Soon you will confront the reality of the difficulty. It is here you must accept your current condition and lack of skill and proficiency. Do the work. If you have a foundation or experience with this type of work you will use that familiarity to work by feel. If something is hard or atypically difficult you will take note and adjust expectation for that session, or that day of work. You will not quit, but will instead work to your capacity. The work will get done. The fashion may not be impressive, but completion of job is the only requirement. Finish what you start. A change of mindset and approach is essential to longevity in any activity. When you start something new, or take it up again after years of dormancy, you are a new guy. Act like a new guy. It’s basic knowledge. You’ve been through it before in other eras and areas of your life so why should this be different? Train alone or with a seasoned, patient coach. Make a gym in your home. A functional gym with a pull-up bar, a couple kettle bells, couple dumbbells, some rings or other suspension training system will go a long way. Dedicate some space and step into that environment daily. Work on pushing, pulling, and squatting… move well. Trim the fat. Seek knowledge from people you respect. The wise will not jump on fads or short cuts, because that is not how they cut their teeth. Fitness is defined by the training objective. An “image” is obtained by training for and gaining mastery in said objective. Think, a swimmers broad shoulders, a rock climbers chiseled back and biceps tied to a lean sculpted physique, a cyclists impressive quads and calves, a wrestlers powerful and explosive hips, and battle ready body/demeanor. Years and years of repetition, progressing through stages of development: novice, intermediate, advanced, and professional, have led to the “look” trainees are after. Do the work. Do the time. Trim the fat (distraction, impatience, non-essentials…). Talk – Action = Zero Got it?

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