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Week of 11/18-11/24 Training

Monday: 80 Minute Indoor Trainer Workout. Roech Zonneveld #14 Tuesday: 5 x (1-6 Pull-Ups) = 105 Then: 5 x Goblet Squats, 53 lb KB 10 x Swings, 53 lb KB 10 rounds Then 5:00 Plank Then 30:00 Row Wednesday: 50 minute Reoch-Zonnevold #15... hard intervals! 100 x Double KB Bench Press, 2 x 53 lb KB's Thursday: 5 Minute Airdyne Then 10 x Pull-Ups 1 minute airdyne 3 rounds Then 5 minute row Then 10-6 Squat Press @ 35 lb DB's 100 meter row sprint after each set of Squat Press Then 10 minute airdyne (easy, cooldown, 195 calories) Friday: 50 minute run. Mostly trail. 6.3 miles. Took it very easy, coming back from 13 days off of running. Building the base back up. Then 10-1 Ladder, very strict form Pull-ups (chest to bar) Push-ups (no wasted movement) Saturday: 50:00 Run, 6.5 miles, Hidden Falls loop x 5 Goblet and lunge warm-up Then 10-1 Ladder Burpee Pull-Ups Kettlebell Swings @ 53# KB Then 10-8-6-4-2 Dips Plate Sweeps @ 45# Then 5:00 Ring Plank... made it 3:00, then dropped feet off box and did 1 x pushup every :10 until time was up. Got way behind on nutrition. Felt it the rest of the day. Sunday: 40 minute recovery on bike trainer Then Suspension core work 3 x 5 Double KB, 1-leg Deadlifts A few pull-ups in between sets

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