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Well Rounded vs. Obsession

Well-Rounded vs. Obsession When it comes to being “fit” the new trainee, acquaintance, or inquirer will often deem the image being represented a result of obsession. As they learn more about what the driving force is, maybe running ultra-marathons, their opinion edges ever closer to becoming solidified as fact. Often what we have done, in terms of performance results or competition is a barrier to understanding the process of making fitness a lifestyle. In my experience a lifestyle brings balance to an often chaotic, existence. It gives purpose to movement, blending sometimes, narcissistic desires with essential activity for well, being. Obsession is an absolute narrow focus. Your life revolves around that one thing. Nutrition, diet, sport and exercise are all common topics of obsession. I see it all the time. They often force either someone to be all in, or, all out. This is derived from the complexity of an action. Take a look at any diet and you’ll see what I mean. Well-rounded on the other hand is what 99% of us should aspire to be. Pursuing this does not mean you do every activity: yoga, strength, cardio, Martial arts, etc. It’s about how we approach life. Athletic, intellectual, familial, and occupational form a symbiosis and balance that makes us well rounded. In exercise, variety is often a nice option to have. Is it necessary? Absolutely not, I believe persistence and consistency are more important to having success. Mastery of movement, strategy of application, and the diligence to finish what you start are the keys to obtaining a lifestyle foundation. At the end of each day it is not how long, or how much we devoted to our health and fitness. It is simply a matter of did we, or didn’t we? We become what we repeatedly do, so choose wisely!

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