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Winter Training

I recently moved to St. Paul, MN, where they have "real" winter weather. Snow, icy/slippery side walks and paths, uneven footing, cold temps, biting wind, etc... you get the picture. I've gone through a pretty significant adjustment since moving here. I train in my exposed porch for the most part, but I do enjoy getting off the Concept 2 rower and indoor bike trainer, and out into the elements for some sustained efforts. Lately I've gotten into dragging a heavy sled through the snow. I simply stack some weight on it, strap the harness around my chest and begin walking. This has proved to be a phenomenal way to connect with the winter culture/lifestyle. 90 minutes to 2 hours of steady pulling will build some serious quads and glutes to hopefully lay some speed work over when the temperatures begin to rise again this spring. Embrace your surroundings. Get out into your environment and move. The first few steps are usually the hardest, but once moving, the effort and rewards are well worth the little bit of discomfort you may feel. I'll continue to update the blog with my winter training strategies and techniques. Simplify your approach, minimize the variety, then maximize your effort.

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