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Fire. Aim. Ready.

Search out the most prominent target possible and sling your boldest shot. –– Robert Greene How many days until ________ ? The countdown to the deadline, test, event, or similar monumental target is the ultimate form of accountability. Each day, in some way: mental / physical / task-productivity, focus, etc. prepares you for what is to come. The target awaits  actualization, as you ready yourself toward competence. My life in the fitness and athletic world has taught me the power of continuously setting targets. The deadline forces me to decide what kind of organism I want to be on that day.
  1. Stir with desire

  2. Form the mental picture of competence

  3. Visualize each monumental step in the process + its completion

  4. Each morning reflect on your progress, state the day’s main intention, act as necessary

  5. Reach a peak in preparation, then rest mind and body for competition Stir for the outcome and you’ll dive into the process. The most successful, passionate, clients I have are those with the ability to shift from an intellectual perspective of the process to an experiential perspective. Fitness will always have a prescriptive nature to it, as this builds momentum, initiating action down a new path. Yet, I caution you to not expect the solution to arise in a linear fashion. Where you place attention you will grow/change. The magic happens during the training session. When you are in the arena, confronted by or choosing to explore a new depth, the experience takes hold. When a client begins to ask themselves “can I” when eyeing a challenge or confronting a possibility, I know an evolution/conquering (of the mind) is taking place. In each moment of each step of preparation (work, training, rest, etc.) act from your ideal. What you create will only reach the height of your vision. Pay attention to the peripheral. An elevated target, one with a potential outcome that stirs the body and boils the blood, is non-negotiable. Sincere desire, uncompromising sincerity, is the way. Refuse to pollute the vision and start living your truth!

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