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Freespace: a Necessity in a World Defined by Parameters

The clearer we are about what we want and what may be our abiding passion, the easier it is to chart our own course. Search. Seek. Experience. Desire. You want x, therefore you do y. With fitness, what follows is often a prescription. You’ve been trained to think the formulaic answer is the way. A designed outcome. Something packaged and handed from one organism to another. You’ve been taught that this is what you need.  Image. The list that follows, with its exercises, weights, reps, etc. is just that, ideas placed in front of you to do with as you wish. The ultimate variable is you. Your attitude affects execution. 

  1. Do a rep or three… perfectly

  2. Flex the muscles you just engaged

  3. Do another set. This time with tension in your “core” … butt, stomach, etc. 

  4. The strongest contractions occur in the absence of air… exhale hard and hold tension

  5. To flex a muscle requires effort, the backbone of this process of hardening the bodyFactors: bodyweight, strength, experience (intelligence, confidence, attitude).

  6. Be comfortable “playing” with a movement

  7. Take time to rest between sets and exercises

  8. One good set goes a long way. Complete, then move on to another movement

  9. Your requirement is focused attention from beginning to end

  10. Rep count is insignificant… what you give determines what you get, where you go next determines the consequence (positive or negative)You have to define an objective. Continually. As you receive feedback, adjust expectations, and redefine. Expect only in proportion to what you are willing to give. Expectations show themselves as ambition. You’ll be elated. You’ll be disappointed. Correct course. Alter. Begin again.  Self monitor. Self assess. Self image.

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