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"Any other path leads to someone else's dream." -Lyn Christian I came across this quote earlier this morning and it sparked something in me. You see, this past weekend I was lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time with my father-in-law, Jan. We both have a high interest in fitness, health and running, but with a strong emphasis on "being". To give a little background, Jan was one of the first athletes to complete the ironman triathlon in Hawaii, as well as the western states 100 in California. With numerous other "experiences" of endurance in his CV it's clear that there is a strong connection between fitness, athletics and experience. It's the personal journey that makes the doing worthwhile. Back to this past weekend, we spent a part of each day doing some calisthenics and going for a run. The importance of this is that it made the day "complete". We weren't training as much as we were experiencing, living, and bonding. This brings up a strong point of emphasis when helping others find a place for fitness and health in their lives. That place is personalization. The quote above from Lyn is a strong message to live by when discerning if a certain path will be the path you take. We all love to hear testimonials and look at photos of transformation. What is missing from these messages though is our own dream. Knowing ourselves completely and honestly. When thinking of your pursuit... your point "B"... your future... focus on your personalization. Don't worry about what everyone else is doing, but find solace in what you can do each day to make it complete. Incorporating fitness, exercise and health is a very powerful thing, but it's different for everyone. Our paths will differ in some way. Be truthful on your path. Live your dream through your actions. Simplify. Focus. Flow. Be. Expressing who we are and what we stand for is a difficult thing to do in the information age we live in. Finding satisfaction in our days and our decisions carries a greater importance in our lives now, more than ever. Taking care and investing in ourselves is part of this glorious gift of life we have received. As my father-in-law says, "enjoy the journey"...

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