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Positive Reminders for Excelling

From Terry Orlick’s, “In Pursuit of Excellence”

Always positive thoughts.

  1. Only positive thoughts help you do the things that you really want to do. So think to yourself, talk to yourself, and focus only in ways that will help you live and perform to your true capacity.

Always positive images.

  1. Only positive images of the things that you want to do or hope to accomplish will help you to accomplish them. So imagine yourself being the way you want to be, achieving the things that you want to achieve and doing the things that you want to do exactly the way that you would like to do them – with full focus, precision, and total confidence.

Always I can.

  1. There is no advantage in approaching performance or life situations thinking only I can’t or I won’t be able to do this. Approach all challenges and opportunities thinking only I can or We can. Act as if you can, even if you are not sure that you can. This perspective will give you your best chance of achieving your goals and living your dreams.

Always opportunities.

  1. Opportunities are present in everything – to learn, to grow, to find somethings positive or of personal value, to know yourself better, to overcome challenges, to become stronger, wiser, more focused, more balanced, more joyful, or more consistent. Find the opportunities in everything.

Always focused.

  1. Only when you are fully focused on connecting with each step, each experience, each interaction, each opportunity, or each performance can you live and perform to your true potential. So stay focused on the little things that free you to feel your best, be your best, and perform your best. Seek the pure connection, it will give you your best chance of living and performing to your ultimate capacity.

Always lessons.

  1. In every practice, performance, and life experience there are lessons. Look for the good things that you have done, draw out the positive lessons from each experience, and live those lessons. Doing this will esure that you continue to improve, grow, live, and excel in positive ways.

Always step-by-step.

  1. You can accomplish great things by taking tiny steps forward each day. The step in front of you is all that matters. You are always capable of taking that one little step. Take that step, and then the next, and the next. This is the only path to your desired destination.

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