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Presence + Focus = Awareness

Presence + Focus = Awareness Work through it. If I am able to conceive of it, or another is capable of doing it, it can be completed. I feel it is equally important to repeat the act/challenge. To do once does not equate to skill or competence. Many have completed immense tasks through sheer will and desperation, but the lessons learned from that effort do not represent as skill or predict future success. Ownership cannot be faked. Fluidity, or natural flow, requires an adequate challenge. A new endeavor is attempted in the present, from a mind and boy formed in the past. Therefore, the mind must persist in its support of the body, in the now, as demand requires. Deep into the challenge/effort/endeavor, the body must be reminded of its capability, that all shall pass, and that simplicity, the simple act of progress, is found in the dissection of the task at hand. The endurance athlete must simply move forward, as each step, paddle, or stroke is progress. To remain in motion, this state of forward progress is paramount. Here one can choose to find peace. Happiness is an attitude displayed on the face, expressed in your actions. All is choice. Acknowledge that the unknown becomes known in due time. What you can plan is too small for you to experience. You may have “been there” before, but “you” were a different organism. A product of different thoughts, circumstances, and perceptions of reality. Use caution with assessment and analysis. Choosing to feel, express, adapt, and then respond is the way forward. Focus. Challenge presents opportunity. The opportunity to exist in the freespace. The freespace is your arena for expression. Where the world bears witness to your self-image, expression, and personality. The test is continual. You have an idea of yourself that either constricts or expands. All is mind. Decide to begin on your journey. Reside in the freespace of the mind, of your chosen self-image. When you remove anticipation for the product/outcome, the simplicity of being human is revealed.

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