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Xclusive Fitness / Jake Lawrence

Watching a client progress and begin to achieve their goals is what makes it all worthwhile. Throughout my life I have been coaching, teaching or mentoring on fitness. The spectrum of my clients has been broad; from athletes training intensely for weekly competition to seniors working hard to maximize their health. My passion for health and fitness began very early on in life and has been a constant driving force ever sense. While competing and preparing to compete as an amateur wrestler I learned the benefits of strength and cardiovascular training as well as proper nutrition. The benefits were immediate: faster recovery, less injuries, better sleep and the virtual elimination of illness. My goal is to have my clients experience and maximize these benefits in their personalized fitness manifestation. Having a goal is what drives me to train hard. Each day there is something I can do to put me closer to achieving the goal in front of me. Having trained for and successfully competed in bodybuilding, trail racing, road racing, road bike racing, and both marathon and ultra-marathon events I know what it takes to make sure that race day success is achieved!

Jake Lawrence

Owner, Personal Trainer

NASM Certified

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